1. What size marquee do I need?

    It all depends on the type of the event, and obviously the space your venue allows. The minimum legal requirement is 2ft/sq per person in an enclosed marquee. A good rule of thumb is 6-8ft/sq for guests standing, and 12-15ft/sq for a seated event. This does not allow any free space for a bar/dance floor/circulation area or catering facilities, so this needs to be taken into account, although furniture can be moved out of the marquee should space be a premium.

  2. My site is not a uniform shape, slopes, and is not all turfed. Can I still have a marquee?

    Yes. In the past, we have built a number of different sized marquees to utilise all the space available to us. Because our marquees are of the clearspan variety which need no main central poles or side guide ropes, we can butt them up against buildings, and side by side, connected by a series of gutters. We have erected marquees spanning ponds, swimming pools, flower beds and pagodas. We can also arrange for a scaffold base for the marquee should the ground have a severe gradient. Our modern event floor can be laid on grass, hard standing such as car parks or tennis courts, or even gravel.

  3. Marquees are only for summer functions aren’t they?

    No, far from it. We provide our services all year round. We can supply a variety of different sized and types of heaters, which typically are located outside, and the hot air is then ducted underneath the sides of the marquee. These heaters are all thermostatically controlled to ensure a constant temperature. We can also supply walkways to outside areas such as catering or toilet facilities to maintain the heat throughout. Our event floor is slip proof, and will not sink into a wet or soft surface, and will support a ladies heel.

  4. What about the heat in the middle of summer?

    The side walls of our marquees can be easily opened up and secured to allow any breeze into the area. When agreeing the final layout of our installation, we take into account factors such as direction of the sun etc and advise the best ways to gain maximum ventilation with minimum direct heat. We demonstrate how the sides can be opened, so should you wish to open some of the sides yourself on the day, you a more than welcome to.

  5. Do you just supply the marquee?

    No. We aim to provide a complete service. Please refer to our Associated Services section to see what else we can offer.

  6. How long is the hire period and when do you put up/take down?

    Typically, a weekend event means the marquee is yours for Saturday and Sunday. The duration of erecting and striking depends on the size of the marquee but usually we build on the Thursday and Friday and dismantle on Monday and Tuesday. We are happy to provide our services for weekdays or longer hire periods. Please contact us for more information.

  7. How do you provide power for my event?

    For smaller events we can take a power supply from an adjacent house or building. For larger events, we can supply generators and dedicated distribution units. We recommend that if you are employing your own caterers, Band/DJ etc; you ascertain their power requirements and advise us accordingly.

  8. Are your marquees safe and secure?

    All our stock complies with the relevant British Standards (BS5358) for fire resistantance, and are installed by experienced competent staff. In addition, our marquees are warranted by the manufacturers for 100km/hour wind loading. We also have full Public Liability Insurance.

  9. What happens if you’re not happy with the marquee or if you have a problem after we have left site?

    We do not leave site until you are completely happy with our installation. You will be given an out of hour’s emergency call out contact phone number, although this has never been called. If we are providing the catering or bar facilities for you event, then obviously we will be in attendance on the day. If not, then we generally attend site on the day of your event to ensure all is well. Alternatively, at additional cost we can provide 24hr on site attendance should you prefer.

  10. Can you make last minute changes to my specification?

    Within reason, yes. Requests for additional furniture or a bigger marquee can be made depending on stock levels at the time, but we generally request the final requirements are confirmed a week before your event takes place. We understand when you first book your marquee you only have an estimate on the number of guests attending, so we expect some changes to occur. We recommend you book a suitably sized marquee and fittings based upon the maximum number of guests you are expecting, it is far easier to reduce rather increase numbers closer to your event.

  11. What damage can we expect to our site?

    We take the utmost care not to damage any plants or flower beds should they be up against or inside the marquee. Our event floor actually protects grass allowing it to breathe throughout the event period, whereas carpet or coconut matting does not. There will obviously be some discolouration of the grass if the floor has been down for some time, but it should recover in a few days. Our ground anchor pins can penetrate the surface by up to three feet, so please advise of any water, gas, electricity services etc are running underneath the site.

  12. How early should I book and is it cheaper the later I leave it?

    It is imperative you book as early as possible to reserve the stock for your event. All our quotations are subject to availability at the time of booking. Whilst we are happy to accommodate any late bookings, this could sometimes result in additional costs due to us having to hire in stock or incur transport charges. We will not undertake any additional bookings which may be detrimental to existing client obligations.

  13. How much do site surveys cost and how many can I expect.

    Site surveys and meetings to discuss your specification are free and without obligation. We are happy to meet with you as many times as it takes to ascertain your complete requirements and ensure we have quoted accordingly.

  14. Organising an event is very daunting, where do I start?

    You could start by giving us a call. If you are not used to organising events, it can seem very complicated, so we endeavour to help you through the process. We offer advice to try to help you realise what can be achieved, not push you into accepting what suits us the most. We will use our experience to guide you to avoid the pitfalls which may lie in your path.

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